Save Maricopa County Junior College Football

Maricopa County/Arizona Students & Families Need Your Help!

On February 5, 2018 the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) announced the elimination of the football programs at the 4 colleges that field teams—Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and Glendale Community Colleges. If Mesa CC Vice President, Jeffrey Darbut, gets his way all the athletic programs in MCCCD will be eliminated.

  • 400+ football players are immediately effected with, potentially, all 1,800 Maricopa student athletes in jeopardy. This will impact all Arizona JCs.
  • If Jeffrey Darbut gets his way the stadiums/fields at the colleges will be sold at the expense of athletic opportunities for our children. This is a Land Grab! With no sports they can sell the land.
  • KEY QUESTION: Are Athletic Programs important to the citizens of Maricopa County and the State of Arizona? 
  • Arizona Junior College Athletics have served our citizens well for decades providing educational opportunities and a path to a better life. Thousands of teachers, coaches, business leaders, doctors, physical therapists and first responders have come through these programs.
  • A large percentage of these athletes are first generation college students—62% of the current football players. Isn’t it the American way to provide opportunities for all citizens?
  • The 4 football programs in Maricopa County bring in more in Tuition to the district than it costs to run the programs. It costs $989,000 per year to operate all four football programs. Football student athletes pay approximately $1.7+ million per year in Tuition alone. The district makes money from their football programs.
  • Coach Herm Edwards from Arizona State University states, “We constantly have to give young people hope. It’s one of the most important words we have in the English dictionary. It provides energy. It provides a future. It provides a vision.” ATHLETICS GIVE OUR KIDS HOPE!

How can this be resolved? Simply—Change the MCCCD Governing Board. Vote on Nov. 6th . The following candidates are supportive of an open dialogue about the future of athletics in MCCCD. Put people on the board who care about students and families. Maricopa residents deserve a SEAT AT THE TABLE.

District 5 - Tom Nerini:

District 4 - Stan Arterberry:

District 3 - Marie Sullivan:

At Large (Entire County) - Roc Arnett:

For Voting Information go to:

The staff and faculty associations of all ten Maricopa colleges endorse these 4 candidates.

Tom Nerini (District 5):

“…Some of the most valuable skills and lessons a student will learn in college will happen outside of the classroom. Skills such as leadership, communication, self-management and teamwork are developed when students are involved in athletics, clubs, organizations and community service projects…As we all know the best decisions are made transparently, based on all the facts available and when the students’ best interest are the primary driver of the decisions.”

Stan Arterberry (District 4):

“I played football at Imperial Valley College, Whittier College and playing football was my vehicle to a very successful professional career as a College Professor, a Community College President and Chancellor. I would hate to see this opportunity closed to many of our young men.”

Marie Sullivan (District 3):

“Let’s talk football. Again. But, this time, let’s talk football together! More discussion is needed in an open public forum with ALL stakeholders to reach a properly studied and considered decision, particularly one of this magnitude. I support efforts to make this possible.”

Roc Arnett (At Large):

“With 13 sports for women and 14 for men, community college sports play several important roles. Sports give students an opportunity to have and express their talents, to gain confidence and learn life lessons.”

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